Health And Science – Why Do Scientists Keep Changing Their Mind?

Anyone who has ever opened the health section of the newspaper, either in the paper version or online, knows very well the vast range of questionable information regarding health.

One day, you read coffee is good for your heart, and then the next day it isn’t, then a while after that you read that new research has been conducted, so it is, again.

And now you are wondering, whom should you trust?

Let’s look at some of the reasoning behind this confusion.

Are Scientists The Ones Who Keep Changing Their Minds?

First, it might occur to you that the scientists are completely off their rocker. The situation is way more complicated than that. In fact, any research into a specific issue is done completely separately, funded separately and each may place different objectives in the focus of their research.

So, let’s say the objectives of the research of my team would be to show the dangers of drinking coffee. I would focus on those aspects and present them in such a way that would make coffee seem like a threat to your general health. On the other hand, let’s say there’s another team that set a different objective for their research. They might alternately focus on the positives in their research. The result of the research would then show only the positive effects of drinking coffee.

Now add the factor of funding into the whole story.

It’s a universally acknowledged fact that scientists are commonly funded for their research.

They seldom have any say in the topic they will research or the point that they will prove or deny.

This is how we get all sorts of research and how even scientific research can be molded to support a certain view.

health1Then What About Our Health? Be cautious who and what to follow …

Having that in mind, we should ask ourselves if we should believe every piece of news we read or even scientific articles for that matter. More and more people are changing their life habits and their health choices based on these articles. However, as we have already discussed, even they are not entirely reliable.

So, how can that affect your health and what is healthy?

Do we even know?

The best advice would be to adhere to your own body and its rules. Make sure to eat, exercise and drink in a balanced diet, so that you don’t make drastic changes to your lifestyle all in a day.

A healthy lifestyle is still the same; stick to a healthy routine that combines healthy unprocessed foods, with regular exercise and enough rest. Also, it’s imperative that you make a break from the electronic devices and spend some time in nature.

This will help you reconnect with your body and relax your mind. Make some time to allow yourself to unwind and do nothing at all, just ‘chill’.

If you manage to incorporate all this into your busy weekly schedule, you ‘ll be happy with the results and a lot healthier as well.

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